REGUPOL safety floors and elements for shooting ranges

Multiple Use

REGUPOL safety floors and elements for shooting ranges

Multiple Use

Should an errant shot miss the desired target, the projectile is reliably absorbed and captured by our products’ elastic and high-strength material, guaranteeing that ricochets, rebound and bullet splinters can no longer escape from it. Focusing on the training, you can leave a large part of the shooting safety to us. We make your facility Regupol-safe!

Our products

for shooting ranges

REGUPOL ballistic E43

Find out more about our REGUPOL ballistic E43 elastic tile as cladding for walls and ceilings on shooting ranges.

REGUPOL ballistic S43

The REGUPOL ballistic S43 elastic tile prevents projectiles rebounding back into the shooting range – e. g. as front cladding for the bullet trap.

REGUPOL ballistic E70

Read more about our REGUPOL ballistic E70 wall and ceiling cladding here.

REGUPOL ballistic B200

The REGUPOL ballistic B200 shooting block is easy to install for a wide range of flexible applications for your indoor or outdoor shooting range.

REGUPOL ballistic B500

Our REGUPOL ballistic B500 shooting block can be used as a mobile bullet trap system or to create 180°-scenarios in your shooting range.

REGUPOL – multiple protection and many applications

Our REGUPOL safety elements for shooting ranges not only provide protection from ricochets, but also from excessive noise pollution. They are also extremely wear and weather resistant, making them suitable for use in outdoor ranges as well as indoor facilities. In addition, our safety elements can be used in many different ways and places on shooting ranges. For example, our various REGUPOL safety elements can be used on walls and ceilings, as cladding for overhead baffles or for the areas surrounding bullet traps. We can also provide solutions for gun clearing and loading traps/loading and unloading chambers, other forms of cladding or for the protection of installed components. Feel free to talk to our experts directly.

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