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Slip-resistant floor surface for your catering areas

In winter sports resorts, there are numerous catering venues – whether up on the mountain station, in little chalets at the slope exits or as an Après-Ski stand at the hotel. Once the skiers and snowboarders come off the slopes with their wet boots, things can get dangerously slippery. Our REGUPOL everroll  winter sports floors minimise the risk of this happening, as they are slip-resistant, secure under foot and are also pleasant to walk on. Are there steps in your catering area that, when wet, may pose an increased risk to your guests? Our robust floorings can help here, too. The special material composition results in a variety of properties that make this surface so unique.

For this application we recommend our rolls in the following thicknesses:

  • REGUPOL everroll ultimate,  8 mm
  • REGUPOL everroll classic,  8 mm

Our Products

For Hospitality

REGUPOL everroll ultimate
Formerly Intensity, Active and Shape

REGUPOL everroll ultimate

REGUPOL everroll ultimate range is our premium rubber floor for fitness centres. It is available in different colours and boasts sports-functional…

REGUPOL everroll classic
Formerly Core and Tone

REGUPOL everroll classic

Our robust REGUPOL everroll classic range is the ideal floor for fitness centres – with a wide range of décor possibilities.

Great variety of design options with REGUPOL everroll winter sports floors

When designing your ski depot, would you like to stick to a certain colour scheme? Or would you like different areas to be separated from each other by different colours? With our REGUPOL everroll winter sports floors, nothing could be easier. To do so, choose the variant that’s right for your project from our standard decors. You will find our range of decors on the product pages. On request, there’s also the option of having your own décor created. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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