REGUPOL everroll ultimate

Product Details

REGUPOL everroll ultimate

Product Details

Formerly Intensity, Active and Shape

REGUPOL everroll ultimate range is our premium rubber floor for fitness centres. It is available in different colours and boasts sports-functional properties.

An almost unlimited variety of colours comes with our premium rubber flooring REGUPOL everroll ultimate range. This floor has very good sports-functional properties and is extremely comfortable. Our fitness flooring supports you, as it provides a secure footing and support for the body under the strain of weight loads during workouts. It is slip-resistant even in wet areas and thus contributes to safety in your fitness centre. Compared to our other fitness floors, REGUPOL everroll ultimate offers individual design options thanks to its wide range of colours.

As an option, REGUPOL everroll ultimate fitness floor coverings can also be supplied pre-sealed. The use of the sealant makes cleaning faster and easier.


REGUPOL everroll ultimate range is also suitable in winter sports areas. Secure under foot even for people wearing ski and snowboard boots. In addition, it is noticeably elastic and comfortable. Its acoustic properties create a special atmosphere. On beautiful, sunny days, light reflection from the snow can be distracting. Our winter sports floors are designed to ensure that guests are not irritated by light reflections from the floor, so your visitors can enjoy the overall experience your winter sports facility provides.

Do you have any questions about our REGUPOL everroll fitness or winter sports floors? Then feel free to contact us directly.

REGUPOL everroll ultimate
Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze

Colour and pattern selection

Technical Specifications


Resilient floor covering made of PUR-bonded granules, with one hundred percent pre-consumer EPDM colour content

Impact resistance

> 21 Nm following EN 14904 / EN 1517

Force reduction

Up to 14 % in accordance with EN 14904 / EN 14808


22 standard colours

Slip resistance

AS 4586:2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials, Appendix A – Wet Pendulum Test.
Slip Certificate available on request.
Standard: P4, Sealed: P2, Slip Resistant Sealed: P5

Recommended application area thicknesses

Reception Areas: 4 mm
Changing Rooms: 4 mm, 8 mm
Free Weight Training and Weightlifting: 8 mm
Cardio and and Machine Training: 4 mm, 8 mm
Indoor Cycling: 4 mm, 8 mm
Functional Training: 8 mm
Groups Fitness and Aerobics: 4 mm, 8 mm
Yoga: 4 mm
Physiotherapy: 4 mm, 8 mm
End Of Trip: 8 mm
Trampoline Parks: 4 mm, 8 mm


Standard Rolls

4 mm thickness (1.25 m x 40 Lm)
8 mm thickness (1.25 m x 25 Lm)

Pre-Sealed Rolls

4 mm thickness (1.25 m x 20 Lm)
8 mm thickness (1.25 m x 25 Lm)

Modular Tiles

4 mm thickness (600 mm x 600 mm)
8 mm thickness (600 mm x 600 mm)

Modular Planks

4 mm thickness (1200mm x 300 mm)
8 mm thickness (1200mm x 300 mm)

Modular Hexagons

4 mm thickness (600 mm x 520mm)
8 mm thickness (600 mm x 520mm)

AkitvLok Interlocking Tiles

8 mm thickness (600 mm x 600 mm)
(570 mm x 570 mm effective cover)

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