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Group training

Group Training

Improving movement and coordination – regupol sports hall floors

Training in a group holds many benefits: it raises motivation levels and is much more fun. A common goal and mutual encouragement can get many people do more sport more regularly than if they trained alone.
Group sports are often provided as courses by clubs, adult education centres or health insurance companies. Gyms and sports halls are particularly suited to this kind of activity, as they can provide the necessary space. Our REGUPOL sports hall floors provide the athletes and participants in your gymnasium with support for their Zumba, circuit training, back-strengthening exercises or other group activities. This way, the group members increase their fitness levels and experience the positivity of group dynamics.  
Our sports mats for halls can be laid quickly and easily, enabling you to create an additional softer surface.

Our Products

For Group training

REGUPOL dynamic eco

REGUPOL dynamic eco is our cost-efficient sports floor for indoor ball games and recreational sports. Floor system with low installation height.

REGUPOL dynamic classic

Traditional, point-elastic sports floor for multi-purpose halls. Select the appropriate base layer thickness to suit your requirements.

REGUPOL dynamic neo

REGUPOL dynamic neo has the highest force reduction value of all our indoor sports floors. For minimised risk of injury.

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