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Running tracks for middle and long distances

Running tracks for medium and long distances

REGUPOL surfaces with increased elasticity

With our running tracks for the training of medium and long distances, REGUPOL meets the special demands for these disciplines. The special material properties of these running track systems are gentle on the athletes' musculoskeletal system and thus prevents pain and injuries.  We provide the ideal running track surface for medium and long distances in proven REGUPOL quality.

Individual product developments from REGUPOL

With individual product developments such as our running tracks for long and medium distance training we prove our expertise in the construction and installation of sports floors. REGUPOL has the right synthetic surface for all purposes and requirements. We can also develop customized products specifically for your needs.

Our products

for medium and long distances

REGUPOL champion AGM
for long-distance training | EPD & C2C

REGUPOL champion AGM

Our special track surface for medium and long distance training. Pre-fabricated REGUPOL base mat with extra elasticity

REGUPOL champion FL
renovation system

REGUPOL champion FL

Re-surfacing old running tracks. Poured seamlessly and finished with broadcast EPDM granulate. Excellent bonding to all usual, old track surfaces.

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