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Running tracks for athletic halls and field houses

Track surfaces for athletics halls and field houses

Sports floors for athletics halls made by REGUPOL

Athletics halls are not only of great importance for training in the winter months, but also for indoor competitions for track and field athletes.
REGUPOL is your source for the right "training equipment" in athletics halls/ field houses.
We also have decades of experience in sports floor construction of indoor facilities. REGUPOL synthetic running tracks can be found in many large athletics halls/ field houses. From us you get exactly the sports floors you need. Track ovals with or without raised curves, pole vault, long- and high jump facilities or portable running tracks for temporary use: we master all disciplines.

REGUPOL: sports floors from the professionals

We also supply suitable sports floors for other areas of your athletics hall / field house such as fitness facilities. So that top performance can be achieved in all areas of the athletics hall. Our REGUPOL experts will be happy to consult.

Our products

for athletics halls and field houses


Our competition surface is cast in three layers without any joints. Extremely robust and long-lasting. Meets all World Athletics requirements.

REGUPOL champion AG
available with 4.0 technology | EPD & C2C

REGUPOL champion AG

Our most widely used track with uniform physical properties thanks to the prefabricated REGUPOL base mat. With World Athletics certification

REGUPOL champion FL
renovation system

REGUPOL champion FL

Re-surfacing old running tracks. Poured seamlessly and finished with broadcast EPDM granulate. Excellent bonding to all usual, old track surfaces.

REGUPOL sportrack AG
portable track | EPD & C2C

REGUPOL sportrack AG

Our modular floor for indoor athletics events. REGUPOL quality with patented plug-in technology for fast removal and re-deployment.

REGUPOL sportrack AGF
portable track | EPD

REGUPOL sportrack AGF

This portable synthetic running track opens up a whole new range of possibilities for organisers of outdoor events.

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